UDOCESC is an engine created a good amount of years ago in C ++ using Allegro libraries to help with the development of certain graphic adventure projects that never came to an end. Its acronym means Unoptimized, Dirty and Outdated (but Close Enough) SCUMM Clone. As the name suggests, it's goal is to imitate the LucasFilm's SCUMM engine and its functionalities to be able to develop in a relatively simple way adventures with all the features that those classic games of the 90's had. The development (for a change) was delayed in time and although the engine was almost finished, the same could not be said about the projects that were planned to be done with it.


Taking as a basis the looks of Monkey Island 2 and specially Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis, the engine should allow to reproduce exactly those games as well as the first Monkey Island, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, Maniac Mansion or Day of the Tentacle. To make sure that this was so, during the development I played those games again from beginning to end so that whenever I found something that my engine could not afford, I made sure it was possible to do so. At the end, the engine clone was quite complete and with some new options I found interesting to add. You can see some of its features in a couple of videos that I uploaded to YouTube where some tests were done, like various characters control, items exchange between them, dialogues, cutscenes, as well as other functions added to make the engine look smoother, with higher resolution, in panoramic mode, etc.


Although originally the engine was created for several projects as they were an original graphic adventure or one based on the Back to the Future triolgy, the engine itself took so much development time (way more than I really had to devote to this), that it sadly ended remaining unfinished with most of my other projects. If someone has any interest in this, you can always get in touch, but I don't guarantee I can do anything with them nowadays.
So, the only thing you can see are the "test adventures" that were coming out as the engine was beeing programmed. One of them took place in the final part of Monkey Island 2, the other one puts us in a scenario of that same game but controlling several Sophia Hapgood clones (where I was testing the interaction between various characters) and finally there is a very preliminary version of what was intended to be that graphic adventure based on Back to the Future, but with almost all the backgrounds in sketch format and the Guybrush sprite where Marty McFly should be.