Here you can find a couple of video demos that show some parts of the original 90's editions of Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island games dubbed into Castilian. Both games received neither official dubs in this language for the original classic release nor in their 2010 and beyond remakes. As a video game lover on the one hand and voice acting on the other, it is something that makes me a little sad and I wanted to do something about it.

The first "project" was about Day of the Tentacle and it's from 2006, just when I started studying voice acting. It was not meant to be more than a practice with some colleagues who also wanted to be part of this world professionaly. It's only the introduction, and it should be considered nothing more than an amateur thing. Although in general people liked it a lot when I posted it on YouTube back then leading many people to ask us to do the whole game (which I really wanted to do and even developed the tools for it), it's seems kinda big to ask people to dub over 800 phrases just for the main characters and for free. That's why it simply ended beeing that dubbing practice.

10 years later, and with the pity of haven't been able to make something about that prior project, I thought about making a further attempt and try to dub my favorite graphic adventure: the first Monkey Island, taken advantage that I finally became a voice actor professionaly, so I knew some people who could help and could be an opportunity for me to give life myself to one of my favourite characters. I already had my own tools that made it technically possible, so the idea was on the one hand to have professional voice actors and make a budget to be able to do it legally and paying them the convenient compensation through a crowdfunding, and on the other try to get permission from Ron Gilbert as original creator and LucasArts as the rights owners.
I probably was too naive, as it seems that sometimes I don't know exactly in what kind of world we live in. I suppose it's clear enough that it was never achieved.
To be taken minimally seriously, I made a video demo of about 10 minutes (which you can see down on this page from YouTube) to show that I really had a good cast of professional voices. I also got to talk to Ron Gilbert in person taking advantage of the fact that he went to a GameLab in Barcelona, ​​and - although he understandably did not pay much attention to me because A LOT of people were trying to get to him - his words were that if he ever regained the rights of the saga he would be totally positive about this type of projects. However, LucasArts through Disney were pretty tough at the time telling us that we better did not even think about touching anything which they had rights of, and that along with the fact that once published on internet the demo did not arouse enough interest to consider that a crowdfunding could be possible... it finally ended in the box of canceled projects. But I must say that I am very happy and very proud of how that demo ended sounding and I enjoyed a lot the process. I will be eternally grateful to the people who helped me do everything that was in my hands so, if it has not been done... it's not because I did not try my best :)