Binary Land - ZX Spectrum

Binary Land is a game created in 1984 by Kikuta Masaaki and released by Hudson Soft on several japanese computers likeMSX and redone in 1985 for the Famicom (japanese NES) console, changing the human characters with penguins for this version. With a pretty original gameplay, the goal of the game is to control the two characters at the same time guiding them through laberinths withhorizontally symmetrical controls, fighting some enemies and obstacles in their way to be together again at the end of the level. The game has 100 different rounds (though some patterns keep repeating over and over), and when you finish them all the game starts again on round 1. As with most arcade games from the 80's, the idea is to try to score as much points as possible. It's simplicity and the fact that I had played it kinda a lot back in the 90's thanks to a pirate 76 in 1 cart were the reasons that made that I finally choose this game to do my first steps on the ZX Spectrum coding, something I usually didn't had the time to do... until the pandemy of 2020 came. I have tried to be as faithful as possible to the NES version, including all the levels, enemies and even a weird easter egg the original version had. Taking in consideration the limitations of the machine - specially graphically - the game looks pretty decent and I think it's playable enough. If you want to know more about this conversion and its development, you can check the More section.

To download the game, here you have the link. And if you want to upload it on any website related to Spectrum homebrew, please do so! ;)
Oh, by the way, the default keys were W-A-S-D to move and Space Bar to fire, but you can redefine them or use a Joystick if you wish!